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Are you unsure how to Order:

Download the Sizing Specification using the tab below and choose the ideal length, width and weight of Trailer for your requirements. Once chosen, use the product code to add to your cart/wishlist.

Add any extras and submit your basket. One of our sales team will then follow this up to run over your spec and the next steps within 24 hours (This can extend during weekends, holidays and show times) At this stage we will explain the order process, payment terms and lead time.

We will also confirm your preferred delivery method and send your exact spec invoice for your approval. 

Centre Deck Underfloor Storage - OP002

Centre Deck Underfloor Storage - OP002

All prices shown are excluding VAT


Centre Deck Underfloor Storage Solution


Suitable for RL2000, RL3000, RL5000, RL6000, RL7000, Flatbed trailers, Auto Cruisers

(Standard fitted opiton on The Galaxy)


Add this to your specification Wish List/Basket and make your trailer the ultimate solution for your requirements! 

    Excluding VAT
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